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new injectors rebuilt fall of 2020 had over 25000 spent on combine also new unloading augers

9870 STS

Price: 120,000.00
Manufacturer:John Deere
Model:9870 STS
Stock / DSID #:30133


Combine TypeCorn/Bean
OptionsContour Master (Lateral Tilt Feederhouse)
Performance >> Corn and Soybean Customer > High yielding or high moisture corn >> Not recommended for use in small grains
Premier Cab
Contour-Master Feederhouse with Reverser and CommandTouch Multi-Speed Drive System
3.15 In. (80 mm) Feederhouse Lift Cylinders
Round Bar Multi-Crop Concave
Deep Tooth Adjustable Chaffer and Bottom Sieve
General Purpose Grain Handling System with High Capacity Unloading System and 22.5 Ft. (6.9M) 1-Piece Unloading Auger (Not available for Export)
Wing Blade Wide-Spread, Fine Cut, 2-Speed Chopper with Integrated Chaff Spreader and Single-Point Adjustable Knife Bank
Heavy-Duty Final Drive and Heavy-Duty Hydrostatic Drive System
20.8R-42 In. Two Star Cleat R1 Radial Wide Spaced Duals for use in 30 In. Rows
Adjustable Rear Axle and 2-Speed, 4-Wheel Drive
28L-26 In. 12PR Cleat R1
Gold Key Customer Experience Request
Engine Coolant Heater - 110 Volt (Not available for Export)
Clean Grain Auger and Fan Bottom Protection Shielding
Small Wire/Small Grain Concaves (Set of 3)
SideHill Performance Package